The Body

Would you like to reduce stress, know your body, and feel better?  With me as your guide you will deepen your relationship with your body.  You will focus on your body, calm your body, and move your body.  You will relax tense areas in your body, create supportive strength in your body, create strong and stable postures with your body, and move your body with less resistance.  

the Mind

Would you like to worry less and be more focused? Our practice will offer you mental clarity. You focus willfully on improving your relationship with your mind, and how it can influence your body. You will learn to observe your thoughts and discern between those that limit you and those that support you.  You will sync mind and body with an aligned purpose that enables you to act with intention.

the heart

Would you like to reduce anxiety? With a calmer body and clearer mind you will be able to recognize your truer sense of being and establish a state of balance.