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a year of self-creation and becoming

Together, in a brotherhood-like tribe, we will gather in nature to explore our personal selves, expand our perspectives, and develop our purpose and practice in life.  This is a process of adapting to the modern world, relating to our ever-changing environments, and creating balance within and without.  This is The Art of Becoming...and what you become is up to you.

Photo by sezer66/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by sezer66/iStock / Getty Images

The overview

This is a year-long practice of personal development for men.  We create a safe space for us to:

  • Be authentically men
  • Step aside from ego and see who we truly are
  • Learn more about our "Self"
  • Find our purpose
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Experience awareness, acceptance, and right action

We will explore communication, nutrition, strength, stability, mobility, meditation, breathing, listening, progressive resistance training, yoga, mantra, song, brewing sacred beer/elixirs, axe throwing, sweat lodging, experiential exercises to connect with the physical/mental/emotional/soulful dimensions of being, the chakras, the elements, the essences of the four directions, your creative skills, and more.

The schedule

Your year will be divided into four quarters...spring, summer, fall, winter.  We will meet one day, outdoors, each season.  Each day in each season will focus on an element, a dimension of your being, and experiences relative to both.

  • Spring - Air - Mental Being
  • Summer - Fire - Spirit/Soul Being
  • Fall - Water - Emotional Being
  • Winter - Earth - Physical Being

Dive deeper into your life, enhance and refine all aspects of your being and your relationship to yourself and EVERYTHING in your a man, partner, father, friend, employee, entrepreneur, student, teacher, servant and adventurer of time, space, and beyond. 

Photo by H_Barth/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by H_Barth/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images

More details to come

You deserve this, and more.  The choice to create all of it is up to you.

Summer Session begins: Saturday, August 18, 2018.

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The Project Facilitators


Brad Elpers

creator, Acme Yoga Co.

Brad is like a nature-loving wolfman living life in the body of a male human posing as a yoga teacher who secretly imagines he's the Hulk.  He fathered three full-grown humans, has a monthly Stance sock subscription, savors craft beer-cheese-coffee-pasta, and enjoys the outdoors...more so with fire and crafty booze.

2018 Focus: mindfulness, stone walling apprenticeship, Toltec shamanism apprenticeship, throwing axes, howling at the moon, more time with the elements, and developing curriculum for mindfulness training of elite athletes.



Jason Belz

creator, A Greater You

Owner [slash] Impromptu dance leader.  Also, a high-five enthusiast, taco addict, coffee junkie, Lululemon brand ambassador, father of boy/girl twins, and three time winner of a PITCH WEEKLY BEST OF––two for Best Personal Trainer and one for Best Bartender.  

My advice:  make fitnessing more about getting healthy, than about losing weight.  You can lose weight in a lot of unhealthy ways, but you can only get healthy one way––through healthy habits.

My mantra:  Do Awesome Shit.  If you find something or many things you enjoy, sustainability increases exponentially––sustainability [consistency] isn't sexy but it wins every time.