Welcome to The Yogi Beer Project

My intention is to bring together a CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY and inspire deeper connections individually, as well as together.  We move, we connect, we learn new ideas, we make new friends, we taste new flavors, we laugh, and we enrich our lives together.

Our yoga is of mindful experience - the witness of experience, acceptance of experience, and the appreciation of experience.  We are the yoga of being present on AND off the yoga mat.  ON THE MAT as the popular western practice of "yoga", we explore awareness in the present moment [focus and clarity], mindful movement guided by breath [intentional embodiment of the physical], and a safe and enjoyable experience for all who participate.  Side effects of this practice are many, including calmer minds and healthier bodies.

OFF THE MAT we open our minds and hearts to the journey of the physical senses to expand both perspective AND palate.  This experience is to appreciate the fruits of mindful and purposeful labor, such as craft beer, fine wine, artfully distilled whiskeys, sweet and savory pastries, artisan cheeses, and all creations of passionate artists; we celebrate our abundant creations whole-heartedly by the mindfulness of our experience.

If you'd like to host a project with your community, click here!

The Yogi Beer Project and Humble Beginnings....

When Brad Elpers began yoga in 2009 he noticed few guys practiced yoga.  He quickly learned one of the best ways to lure his buddies to yoga class was with beer.  Informally, on a random Wednesday evening after a yoga class, at a local brew house, "yogibeers" was formed.  Back then the mission was simple... do yoga, drink beer, enjoy brotherhood.

After a few years of yoga practice and completing yoga teacher training in 2014, Brad realized "yogibeers" was about more than just good yoga, good beer, and good friends.  Brad recognized that we come together on yoga mats to create personal change within ourselves, we connect as a community, AND our unified power has the potential to create deeper connections and expanded awareness throughout our community!  So began the new adventure of a yogi, his love for flavorful eats and drinks, and the desire to spread gratitude and joy everywhere...The Yogi Beer Project.