Explore Your Essence

Develop you, overcome patterns/habit loops/self-limiting obstacles, integrate purpose, and create balance.


Embrace Change

Identify your limiting behavior patterns (thoughts, beliefs, actions) and learn to let them go.  This release can create a vacuum which will draw in a substitute pattern, be it wanted or unwanted.  As a mindful creator, you will intentionally construct a new life with new beliefs, expanded perspectives, more knowledge, and a wisdom to live in alignment with your purpose.  You will be in balance with the effort and ease of life. 


To the edge

We step to the safe awareness of your comfort zone, peer into the distance of the unknown, and explore the shadow of known, unknown, and unknowable.  With practice of specific skills in a variety of experiential exercises, you learn to release resistance, soften rigidity, and move your edge.  The process creates a progressive adaptation, familiarization with your deeper self, and an expanded perspective of your life's possibility.


celebrate being

Find balance, comfort, and even bliss at any place and in any time. Continue to explore your possibility.  Refine your artistic ability to play, to manifest and to become that which you desire.  Now, with new light shed on your path and with your gifts of patience, discernment, and audacity you give yourself persmission to celebrate your being every moment of your new life!


You deserve this!